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Assessment & Evaluation Policy

Aiming the holistic development of the child, DPS Bulandshahr has introduced the system of regular assessment of scholastic and co-scholastic domain of the development of the child. The term scholastic refers to those aspects which are related to the intellect.

CBSE at a glance

It includes the assessment of the learner in the curricular subjects, project work, practical and oral work. which include pen paper test/ activities according to a well drafted schedule. Various parameters related to different subjects will be assessed on the basis of artistically designed activities to analyse the entire personality of the child. The assessment shall continue throughout the year.

Salient features of CBSE incorporated into the school System are –

♦ Inquiry and skill based system
♦ Catering to individual learning styles.
♦ Learner and learning centric.
♦ Focus on experienced learning.
♦ Focus on analysis and discovery approach.
♦ Focus on real world experience.

First Area of Learning : Language

    • Nursery – Class II : Two languages (English and Hindi)
    • Classes IV – VIII : Three Language (English, Hindi, Foreign Language/Sanskrit)

The language curriculum aims to develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in a variety of contexts with a perspective to develop students’ critical abilities and equip them with the required language skills to effectively communicate ideas and articulate their points of view.

Second Area of Learning : Social Studies

  • Classes III – V : A combination of History, Political Science, Geography
  • Classes VI – X : It crystallizes out as History, Political Science, Geography with addition of Economics in classes IX and X

Third Area of Learning : Mathematics, Science and Commerce

Mathematics is compulsory for all students from Nursery-X
For classes I-VIII focus is on developing core Mathematical Skills.
The curriculum incorporated for Mathemetics helps in developing their logical thinking and analytical ability. Lab activities are an integral part of the curriculum.

Science (Classes I – X)
Classes up to II are dealt in a very elementary way.
Classes III – V : General Science
Classes VI – X : Trifurcated to Physics, Chemistry, Biology

The curriculum provides opportunity to be curious, to question, to investigate, design and carry out innovative experiments; familiarizes the students with the current trends of scientific thinking and developmental processes.

Fourth Area of Learning : Performing and Visual Arts

Provides a means for personal expression and articulation of ideas. This is to ensure confident participation to develop social skills like creative team work and also enhances communications skill.

Visual Arts : This domain aims at promoting intellectual, aesthetic and emotional growth of every child. Studetns enjoy the joy of expression through various mediums. The P.Ed curriculum contributes to the physical fitness aspect and all round development of the child.

Fifth Area of Learning

Perspective : Introduces students to both local and global issues.
Life Skills programme : Helps students lead a happy, balanced and successful life. The programme covers Creative and Critical Thinking skills, Interpersonal Skills, Effective Communiation Skills, Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills, Co-operation and Leadership Skills.

Evaluation Pattern

We are committed to provide quality education to all its students, to cater to the needs of modern times and ensure the development of perfect global citizens. Eventually, DPS Bulandshahr has brought about revolutionary changes in its evaluation pattern to ensure continuous assessment of the students.

Nursery - Class II

The academic year is divided into two terms and each term has two assessment reports. There shall be no formal examination.
The students will be assessed on the basis of day to day performance and regular classroom observations.
The assessment would comprise of worksheets, assignments, recitation, group discussions, dictation, quizzes, project work, extempore, field project etc.
The parents should sign each remark or grade given by the teacher.
Grades for the subjects like Computer Science, GK, Art and Craft Dance, Music, Sports and extra curricular activities will be given at the end of each term on the basis of the overall performance of the child in these areas in each term.

The report card awarded to students after each term of class Nur to class I, will only reflect colour indicators as mentioned below:

For each area of development, in the First & Second Term, ‘traffic Lights’ are awarded. These carry four colours that signify the following :


Produces concrete, reproducible evidence of excellence in this area of development.


Demonstrates sound progress that is satisfying to both teacher and child.


Although there is some evidence of achievement, the child requires to take further steps in this area.


There is clean room for improvement here, if a level commensurate with the child's age group and class, is to be achieved.

Classes III to XII

The student will be assessed on three point scale in co-curricular activities which are as follows:

Physical Activities (PT/Games & Sports)
Visual & Performing Arts (Drawing / Painting / Dance / Music)

Scholastic Domain (Curricular Activities) – Students will be assesses on the basis of their performance in the following subjects :

Class III – English, Hindi, Mathematics, Computer-Science, EVMS, Art, Games &Sports, Music, General Awareness (GK, Moral Values and Reasoning).

Class IV – English, Hindi, Mathematics, EVMS, Computer-Science, Art, Music , Languages (Urdu, Sanskrit Japanese, French, German), Games &Sports, General Awareness ( GK, Moral Values and Reasoning).

Class V – English, Hindi, Mathematics, EVMS, Computer-Science, Art , Music, Languages ( Urdu, Sanskrit, Japanese, French, German), General Awareness ( GK, Moral Values and Reasoning) and Games & Sports.

Classes VI-VIII – English, Hindi, Science, SST, Mathematics, Computer-science, Art ,Music Languages (Sanskrit, Urdu, Japanese, French, German ) and General Awareness ( GK, Moral Values and Reasoning) and Games &Sports.

Classes IX-X – English, Mathematics , Science, SST ,Computer-science , Languages (Hindi ,Sanskrit, Urdu , Japanese, French, German), Music, General Awareness ( GK, Moral Values & Reasoning) and Games &Sports.

Classes XI – XII

Science Stream- English, Mathematics, Computer-Science, Physics, Chemistry Biology, Physical Education Games & Sports.
Commerce Stream- English, Mathematics/ Physical Education./Informatics Practice, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies Games &Sports.
Humanities- English, History, Geography, Physical Education. Informatics Practice, Political science Games &Sports.

Weightage : The session has two terms. Each term shall have TWO rounds of Periodic Assessments (PAs) and one Term exam (Ist Terminal / Final terminal). Both terms carry equal weightage.

The session has two terms. Each term shall have One round of Unit Test (UTs) and one Term exam (First Term /Final Term). Both terms carry equal weightage for class XI.

Syllabus : It will be made available on the school portal in advance.

Promotion Policy for all students :

a. Student has to secure 33% marks in each subject and in aggregate to be promoted to the next class.
b. Moreover a student has to secure minimum 33% marks in Theory and Practical separately in the subject involving practical examination.
c. A candidate failing in one of the five subjects of Annual Examination shall be given compartment in that subject.
d. A candidate failing in more than one subject will be detained.

Handling cases of absence durig the assessment

Appearing in all exams is mandatory. In genuine reason of absentees, 60% of marks of secured in either Periodic Test will be awarded.
It is mandatory to have at least 75% attendance to appear for the Annual Exam.

Nursery- Prep

If a child is absent on the day of assessment due to any unforeseen circumstance, his/her assessment will be taken on any other alternate day with in a week from the day of assessment.

Classes I to XII

In genuine case of absence during examination like some unforeseen , death/ casualty in family/health problem and admission in hospital more than three days or any type of accident then the Principal will decide whether the 70% marks of either test will be awarded to the student or not.

The Medical Certificate in case of Medical Leave should be submitted to school within 3 working days of joining the school along-with application from parents.

Policy regarding students using unfair means during the examination

1. If a student is caught red-handed using unfair means in Class Test/Terminal Examination/Pre-Board Examination, New answer Sheet and another question paper will be given to the student and no extra time will be given to him. Zero marks can be awarded by concern authorities.

2. It may be possible that zero marks will be awarded.

3. A strict warning letter will be sent by the class teacher to their the parents.