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Sports provide a means to children to develop strong mental boundaries. Sports teach them to channelize their efforts and thoughts into the right direction. Rules of the games are specific. Inertia is broken and a certain ‘field presence’ comes by swiftness of action.

Games teach ‘team spirit’ and help build character. To win humbly and to lose gracefully is in order. A warm hand shake at the end of an event between both the winning and ‘not so lucky’ participants, bring both at a ‘level platform of goodwill’, and hearts warm up. The games played in our school are cricket, basketball, football, hockey, races, shot put, hurdles, javelin etc.

At DPS Bulandshahr, we aim for perfection in everything…including sports. We have sports activities so that students from all age groups can enjoy, relax and exercise all at the same time. We have first class coaches from all over the world who are ready to help the students and teach the students how to beat the opposition with skill and good sportsmanship.

We consider each and every student a representative of DPS Bulandshahr, we expect the students to be punctual, well-prepared and always in high spirits. We, want the students to discover their true potentials, and the only way we can do this is by letting them play and live life to the fullest.

Our swimming pool is about to be commissioned. Our students are looking forward to their moments of thrill filled with aquatic adventures, strength and fortitude. A lot of effort goes towards staging the related competitive activities. No pearls could be more precious than the beads of perspiration well earned by winners of sporting events, as they are proudly photographed at the victory stand. Sports are a means for children to develop an elegant bearing, confidence and a personal style statement.